When Hope Speaks - Book


What is it about not being able to have (or obtain) something that makes you want it more? When I think back through my childhood memories, I imagined myself married with children; multicolored ones that reflected the skin tones of my cabbage patch dolls. Of course I didn’t know how you had babies or even about who I would marry. I think I just assumed it would be easy, like everything else; a fairytale. Back then to me a fairytale was a story of ease and beauty and fortune and all good things—-no bad.

Never did I imagine that my journey to getting there would be paved with excitement, joy, eagerness, and also hurt, anger, comparison, doubt, deep disappointment, and even depression. But it did and it made me the woman I am today. A fairytale doesn’t have the same meaning to me today but I still consider my life a fairytale. Now I just know a fairytale means that though there may be hardships and heartache the beauty comes by refusing to give up and by being determined to use whatever life throws at you to bring light to someone else.
I would like to share the journey of my story with you.

This story is mine but it may also be yours. My prayer is that you find the courage to hang on to any glimmer of hope you receive by turning the pages of this book and know that the impossible is possible when hope speaks and faith makes a move.